5 DIY Projects to Help Organize Your Family

Every home needs a little order, especially when there are children about. Here are some useful shortcuts to help keep your spaces tidy and your family routines quick and simple. You can turn them into a family project, or make use of your me-time to get crafty!

Colour-Code your Fridge

If you have lots of little ones (or any combination of big and little ones) it can be a little difficult to keep track of which items in your fridge belong to which family member.

Assign everyone a unique colour that will help them grab their lunches and snacks on the fly. You can use anything from post-its or elastic bands, to stickers or pieces of electrical tape. Re-use this colour throughout the house to help organize other rooms.

Stack Family Shoes in Boxes

Empty wine boxes (or any box with dividers) are a great way to keep everyone’s shoes separate and avoid a messy pile. You can even give your impromptu shoe racks a new do by wrapping them in coloured paper.


Make a Rotating Chore List

Dividing household chores can help make your family life a little less chaotic. But there are times where your chore-mates will need to switch around their to-do lists to keep up with changing schedules, or to keep them from getting too discouraged with repetitive tasks. Create a page for each family member, placed in a visible spot (the fridge door is a top contender) and create different post-its for different chores.

Older kids will appreciate the option to physically trade their post-it chores, and your significant other will be grateful for the heads up when something needs to be added to their list.


Keep Hairpins in Plain Sight

Long hair complicates things, especially when it belongs to toddlers. Most of us need a collection of bobby pins, headbands and elastics to keep hair out of tiny eyes, or tiny mouths.

A simple magnetic strip could save you a lot of time looking for the pins that hold your kids’ hair-dos together. Add a binder clip or two to hold their favorite elastics.


Scoop the Toys Away

When kids need to settle down for homework time, keeping toys out of the way is a necessity. Tiny toys such as legos, toy cars or doll accessories don’t always come with their own containers, and leaving them loose in a toy crate means there’s a risk of losing them.

Empty plastic milk or juice jugs are a good way to scoop and store all of your kids’ bits and bobs. Cut off part of the top with an x-acto knife while keeping the handle intact to create a perfect scooper.